Special Gauge Shipping Instructions

(For gauges with sources that are not Special Form)

Some older model gauges contain sources which are no longer certified as Special Form. The table below shows the source codes and serial number ranges that are affected and whether the sources can be shipped alternatively as Normal Form in a Type A package or can be shipped under a Special Permit.

Source CodeAffected Source S/NNuclideShip as Normal Form or Special Permit
15ALLRa-226Normal Form
16ALLRa-226Normal Form
18ALLRa-226Normal Form
19ALLRa-226Normal Form
25ALLRa-226Normal Form
26ALLRa-226Normal Form
27ALLRa-226Normal Form
33ALLCs-137/Am-241Special Permit
34ALLCs-137/Am-241Special Permit
35ALLCs-137Normal Form
CC, 40<4552Cs-137Normal Form
45<2308Am-241Special Permit
CA, CAA, 47<740Am-241Special Permit
48ALLAm-241Special Permit
or between
17978 & 18080
Am-241Special Permit
60ALLAm-241Special Permit
63ALLCs-137/Am-241Special Permit
64ALLCs-137/Am-241Special Permit
65ALLCs-137/Am-241Special Permit
70ALLCs-137/Am-241Special Permit
75Between 1296 & 1395Cs-137Normal Form

Radioactive material which is not certified as Special Form is referred to as “Normal Form.” The standard shipping instructions are based on the assumption that both sources in a gauge are Special Form. When one or both of the sources are Normal Form, the standard instructions are no longer valid.

Special Permit

Am-241 sources that are not certified as Special Form cannot be shipped as Normal Form. However, Troxler has been granted a Special Permit that authorizes one-time shipment of these sources for disposal only. The Special Permit imposes a number of conditions and requirements on the shipper. Troxler has prepared an information package that fully describes these conditions and provides shipping instructions. Please contact Troxler Customer Service or the Radiation Safety Department to obtain the package. Do not ship any gauge until you receive a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number from Troxler.

Normal Form

A gauge may be shipped if just the Cs-137 or Ra-226 source is not certified as Special Form (i.e., Normal Form), but package markings, shipping papers, and emergency response instructions must be modified.The following sections explain the modifications necessary to ship a 3400 series gauge in which the Cs-137 is Normal Form and the Am-241 is Special Form.

Package Marking

When the Cs-137 source is Normal Form the standard shipping case label must be labeled as shown below. The first line describes the type of packaging, the second line describes the Special Form Am-241 source, and the third line describes the Normal Form Cs-137 source. The type on the label must be at least 0.5 inches high.


Shipping Papers

When the Cs-137 source is Normal Form the dangerous good description on the shipping papers must be modified to list the proper shipping names and UN ID numbers for both Normal Form (Cs-137) and Special Form (Am-241) materials. In addition, nuclide and activity, the physical and chemical form must be identified for Normal Form material.

Example of a bill of lading for a private carrier transporting a gauge in his own vehicle.
Example of a Dangerous Goods Declaration Form used for a FedEx shipment.

Emergency Response Sheets

When the Cs-137 source is Normal Form, two different emergency response information sheets must accompany the shipment: one for the Normal Form material (UN2915) and one for the Special Form material (UN3332).

Example of the new emergency response information sheet for Normal Form Radioactive Material.(UN2915)

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions about whether the sources in a Troxler gauge are certified as Special Form or about the instructions for shipping a gauge that contains both Normal Form and Special Form material, please contact the Troxler Radiation Safety Department.