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What We  Do

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of testing/quality control measurement equipment for the construction industry. We are recognized worldwide as the industry standard for Nuclear Moisture/Density Gauges. In addition to nuclear gauges, Troxler is also a leader in the production of Gyratory Compactors and Asphalt Ignition Ovens. Troxler continues to set new product standards of quality and precision in the construction industry. For a complete list of Troxler equipment, please go to the Products section.

Troxler provides a full range of radiological services to support users of radioactive material and radiation producing devices in industrial, governmental, medical, and educational settings. These services include:

TLD badge service is offered to monitor external personnel radiation exposure.

Leak testing services are provided for sealed sources.

Gauge disposal service is provided for both Troxler and non-Troxler nuclear gauge products.

Calibration service is offered for the TroxlAlert™ radiation survey meter.

Emergency response phone service is provided free to all Troxler nuclear gauge customers to meet USDOT hazmat requirements.

Radiation safety training courses are designed to fulfill US NRC and Agreement State requirements for training nuclear gauge operators and Radiation Safety Officers. In addition, training is provided to fulfill US DOT hazardous material (hazmat) transportation training requirements. For more information about Troxler training courses and to view a current class schedule, please visit the Training page.

Free consultation is provided to Troxler customers on radioactive material licensing matters and radiation safety issues.

Troxler’s Service Department provides full repair and calibration service for all Troxler products at several locations throughout the United States.

About the Founder

Beginning in the basement of his home in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mr. Troxler pioneered the development and production of the nuclear testing and measuring devices used in construction and agricultural industries. Under his direction, Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. grew from a one-man basement operation to its present size of 110,000 square feet and over 80 employees.

Mr. Troxler’s commitment to producing quality products, innovating through research, and providing comprehensive service continues to guide the company he founded

William F. Troxler, Sr.
Founder, 1958
Chairman of the Board


Research Triangle Park is located SE of the City of Durham, NW of Raleigh and East of Chapel Hill.

Major interstate systems that intersect the area are I-40 and I-85. Supporting routes are US Route 70 and State Route 55. Listed below are detailed directions to Research Triangle Park and Troxler Electronic Laboratories from different areas.

From RDU International Airport

  • Take Airport Blvd. to I-40 West
  • Take I-40 West to NC 147 North to Cornwallis Rd.
  • Take Cornwallis Rd. West to Alexander Dr.
  • Troxler is located at the Southwest corner of Cornwallis Rd. and Alexander Rd.

From the West (Asheville) & Southwest (Charlotte)

  • Follow I-40 East to Exit 278 (State Route 55)
  • Exit and proceed North (left) on Highway 55 approximately 1.5 miles to Cornwallis Rd.
  • Turn right on Cornwallis Rd. (there is a light and several gas stations at the intersection)
  • Continue approximately 3/4 of a mile
  • Troxler is located at the Southwest corner of Cornwallis Rd. and Alexander Rd.

From the Southeast (Raleigh)

  • I-40 West past RDU International Airport approximately 6 miles to Exit 279 (SR 147 – Durham Freeway)
  • Continue on 147 to Cornwallis Rd., approximately 1/4 mile
  • Take Cornwallis Rd. West to Alexander Dr.
  • Troxler is located at the Southwest corner of Cornwallis Rd. and Alexander Rd.

From the Northeast (Richmond)

  • I-85 South to SR 70 East (70 BYP to 70)
  • Follow 70 East for approximately 4.5 miles to Miami Blvd.
  • Turn right onto Miami Blvd. and travel south for about 2 miles to Alexander Dr.
  • Turn right on Alexander Dr.
  • Follow Alexander Dr. for approximately 2 miles to Cornwallis Rd.
  • Turn right onto Cornwallis Rd.
  • Troxler is located at the Southwest corner of Cornwallis Rd. and Alexander Dr.

The Office

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.
3008 E. Cornwallis Rd.
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Phone: 1.877.TROXLER (1.877.876.9537)
Outside the USA – +1.919.549.8661
Fax: +1.919.549.0761


Business Hours

  • Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday – Closed
  • Sunday – Closed

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. Patents

This internet posting serves as notice under 35 USC. §287(a) that the following Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. products may be covered by the following US patent(s). Each product may also be covered by one or more foreign patents, and additional patent application(s) may be pending. Products may be sold individually or as part of a system.

Equipment Patent
3440 Nuclear Gauge, 3440 Plus US 11,313,983, US 10,520,614, US 8,126,680,  8,112,242,  7,848,905,  7,376,530,  6,915,216
3430 Nuclear Gauge, 3440 Plus US 11,313,983,US 10,520,614, 8,126,680,  8,112,242,  7,848,905,  7,376,530,  6,915,216
3450 Nuclear Gauge US 11,313,983, 8,126,680,  8,112,242,  7,848,905, 6,310,936
US 6,442,232
4640 – B Nuclear Gauge US 8,126,680,  8,112,242,  7,848,905,
4540 eGaugeTM US 6,567,498, RE38910, US 7,569,810, US 7,581,446, US 7,928,360, US 7,820,960, US 8,071,937, US 8,294,084, US 8,492,706, US 8,692,184, US 9,091,627, US 9,400,240, US 10,145,772, US 10,690,578, US 10,690,578, US 11,307,154,
4590 eGaugeTM US 6,567,498, RE38910, US 7,569,810, US 7,581,446, US 7,928,360, US 7,820,960, US 8,071,937, US 8,294,084, US 8,492,706, US 8,692,184, US 9,091,627, US 9,400,240, US 10,145,772, US 10,690,578, US 10,690,578, US 11,307,154, US 11,776,703
eGaugeTM Moisture Probe US 10,690,578,                     US 10,145,772
2701-B PavetrackerTM Plus US 20,060,226,857              US 10,908,096
5850v2 Superpave™ Gyratory Compactor US 7,360,444, US 9,128,012, US 7,360,444, US 9,234,824
WheelTracker US 11,307,124                                                            US 20,220,244,154
Moisture Measurement SystemTM (MMS) US 11,280,748, US 10,539,415, US 9,389,191
NTO model US 6,579,500

Troxler News and Press Releases

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.: A Message from the CEO about CVOD-19
March 20, 2020 – A Message from the CEO on Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.’s response to COVID-19.

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. Announces Purchase of TestQuip, LLC
July 17, 2019 – Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc., the global leader in testing and measurement equipment for the road construction industry, and TestQuip, LLC, a producer of high quality crack testing equipment and accessories for contractors, states and research groups, announces the purchase of TestQuip by Troxler. This union brings the highest quality and most advanced crack testing suite of products to the Troxler portfolio, rounding out the full offering of Balanced Mix Design products.

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. Announces the EGauge Meets the Requirements of ASTM D8167
October 2018 – In June 2018, ASTM International (ASTM) released a new standard, ASTM D8167 (“Standard Test Method for In-Place Bulk Density of Soil and Soil-Aggregate by a Low-Activity Nuclear Method [Shallow Depth]”). It establishes procedures for measuring the density of soil and soil-aggregate materials using nuclear equipment with a radioactive source.

Troxler Awards

US Department of Commerce Export Achievement
In May 2010, Troxler was awarded the Export Achievement Certificate from the US Department of Commerce for excellence in international performance. Troxler’s international footprint includes sales, service, and repair via a very large worldwide distribution network. This is the second award the US Department of Commerce has given Troxler Electronic Labs.

Better Roads Top Rollouts Awards
The Troxler PaveTracker Plus was chosen as one of Better Roads Magazine’s 50 Top New Product Rollouts of 2004. Every year, Better Roads editors receive information about nearly 1,000 new products. Of these announcements, about 500 are judged to be relevant to highway professionals, the contractors, agencies and consulting engineers who comprise their audience. At the end of the year, the editors review the products they have covered and select the 50 that seem most significant to the road construction and maintenance industry.

IRF Global Road Achievement Award
Troxler was awarded the 2003 IRF Global Road Achievement Award in the category of Technology, Equipment & Manufacturing.

North Carolina Governor’s New Product Award
(selected by the Professional Engineers of North Carolina)

For innovative products that have helped strengthen North Carolina’s economy.

President’s “E” Certificate for Exports
Presented by the Secretary of Commerce for an outstanding contribution to the Export Expansion Program of the United States of America.

The Secretary of Commerce Award of Membership
Regional Export Expansion Council mobilized by the America Business Community to increase exports of United States goods and services and is making a vital contribution to the Nation’s economic strength and to world peace and prosperity.

The Secretary of Commerce Chairman Recognition
District Export Council to contribute leadership and business experience in support of the Nation’s joint industry / government expansion effort.

US Department of Commerce Certificate of Appreciation
Awarded by the Bureau of International Commerce in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by this trade mission in increasing the international commerce of the United States in the USSR and Eastern Europe.

State of North Carolina – Distinguished Service Award
In recognition of dedicated, exemplary and meaningful contributions to the ideals that have been responsible for the unprecedented economic growth of our great state and the sustained best welfare of her citizens.

Czechoslovak National Association of the International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures (rilem)
Awarded by the Defectoscopic Centre for Building Industry and Materials, the Troxler products have been recognized as the winner in the categories of subsurface density, subsurface moisture and surface moisture.

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A2LA – American Association for Laboratory Accreditation.

AEM – Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

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NAPA – National Asphalt Pavement Association.

NRC Radiation Protection Regulations – Code of Federal Regulations, Title 10.

NUREG-1556 – Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses: Program-Specific Guidance About Portable Gauge Licenses (NUREG-1556, Vol. 4).

South Central Superpave Center – Superpave Asphalt Techology Program provides the latest technology designs on the web.

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US Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Home page of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This page contains information on licensing, radiation safety, and much more.

World Highways – Breaking news from World Highways.

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