EGauge Combo Model 4540 Asphalt & Soil Density Gauge

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License Exempt, Troxler Accurate

From the inventor of the nuclear density gauge comes the ONLY combination nuclear gauge that is License Exempt!

License Exempt

  • Less hassle and saves money.

  • Eliminates: RML, Reciprocity, TLD Badges, Storage Requirements, Transportation Documents, Double Locks, Leak Tests, Record Keeping, Emergency Procedures, Expensive Shipping, Radiation Safety Training, and Military Base Restrictions

  • Going with license Exempt equipment also eliminates the risk of a surprise inspection by the state regulatory agency or NRC.

Combination Design – Backscatter and Direct Transmittion​

  • Asphalt using backscatter, compliant with ASTM D2950 and AASTHO T 355.

    • ASTM D2950: Standard Test Method for Density of Bituminous Concrete in Place by Nuclear Methods

    • AASHTO T 355: In-Place Density of Asphalt Mixtures by Nuclear Methods

  • Soil using direct transmission and backscatter, compliant with ASTM D8167.

    • ASTM D8167: Standard Test Method for In-Place Bulk Density of Soil and Soil-Aggregate by a Low-Activity Nuclear Method (Shallow Depth)


  • Lab tested to hold similar accuracy as licensed nuclear gauges

  • Extremely accurate and more reliable than non-nuclear devices

  • Saves time due to not needing an offset/correlation

License Exempt nuclear density gauge, only available through Troxler.