NCAT Three Wheel Polisher

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The NCAT Three Wheel Polisher by Troxler is a device that will polish a sample to be used in friction testing. Quickly and reliably reach your sample’s terminal friction value by polishing it with the TWP. Complete with weights, a pump, and a water basin this polisher will help you verify your aggregates or mix design to help improve road safety.

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  • VFD Motor Controller for variable speeds (capable of running at 60rpm)
  • 1hp motor and gearbox combo to turn carriage (counter-clockwise)
  • Runs off of 120VAC with standard 3-prong plug
  • 10A maximum current draw
  • Adjustable flow fountain pump, enough flow to flush particulates off sample
  • Comes with 150lbs of weights (including carriage)
  • Sawtooth pattern tread 2.80/2.40-4 tires on casters
  • Programmable automatic counter than stops carriage rotation
  • 3 wheels polish at a 11.2” diameter (matches DFT)
  • Accepts up to a 20x20x2” asphalt slab, and has adjustment screws for smaller samples
  • E-Stop and door sensor to stop unit
  • 35×40” water basin to for water supply and drain
  • Plexiglass case to prevent splashing and for visibility
  • Steel pallet for holding samples that easily slides in and out of TWPD
  • Lift system for raising and lowering carriage
  • Adjustable feet for leveling